10 Noteworthy Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

The very second a woman gets engaged, all the thoughts of a perfect wedding come running through her mind. Making it absolutely perfect and memorable is what every bride would want their dream wedding to be. And what best way to do this is by hiring the finest vendors there is, including wedding photographers.

Hiring an Idaho wedding photographer may seem simple for some people, but the reality is, hand-picking the superb one is very thought-provoking and perplexing. There are a lot of things that should be considered before making a big decision. Aside from looking through the ads from the internet to have a shortlist of the best Idaho wedding photographer, it would be best to ask them about all the details during an interview. It doesn’t really have to be very formal but what’s important is that all those ghosts in your thoughts are gone and all the doubts are given reasonable answers. 

Having to ask all the questions freely would instantly give the couple the gut feeling that even their guests and family would feel at ease working with each other. It’s not just what they can do best behind the shutter, but how well they deal with their clients and the people around them; this is a thumbs-up factor that guarantees you have hired one competent and proficient wedding photographer.

Here are 10 of the noteworthy questions couples should be asking their wedding photographer before closing the deal:

1. “Are your sure your schedule is blocked-out on my wedding day?”

Of course, it is important that the couple would have the entire day all to themselves. It would all be a rush if the photographer is booked with another client on the same day. The quality of the shots would not be what you have envisioned it to be or there won’t be momentous after-party photos because the wedding photographer has already run-off with his shutter.

2. “Will you be the primary wedding photographer who will be shooting at the wedding? Do you have a partner or assistant?”

It will always be best to ask whether he will be with an assistant or will he be working alone during the wedding. Chances are that if he will be working alone, he would not be able to capture other important events that escape his view.

3. “What photography style/styles are you well-versed?”

Wedding photography has many diverse styles and his technical-know how should match with the concept and motif of the wedding. Some wedding photographers can actually mix and match styles and come up with breathtaking photographs, and you’re lucky to have the best pick.

4. “What are included in the wedding photography packages you are offering and how much would it cost? Can the packages be tailor-fitted to my needs?”

It is important to be outright honest with the wedding photography vendor about what’s included in the package and would it hurt the budget. The couple might be disappointed with the photographs because they have been too penny-pinching. 

5. “Do you take the shots digitally? Do you still use film? Or do you use both?”

On point, digitally-shot photos are best recommended because innovative photography gadgets make photos easier to edit in terms of colors and effects. While the use of film will still have that classic and old-school touch; photographers using this technique are absolutely highly-trained and an expert on its use.

6. “How many weddings have you taken shots so far, and how many wedding events do you cater in one year?”

It is important to know if the photographer has had a lot of clients because it proves his credibility. Looking into the client reviews will prove how excellent and fabulous he is in providing wedding photography services.

7. “How many hours would the coverage be? How much would be the additional charge for overtime?”

Some wedding photographers would be outright straight to inform their clients that their package would have specific coverage hours and that they charge by the hour for extra hours. However, it would be imperative to ask them. It would not be nice to have arguments about these things during the wedding. The couple wouldn’t want their wedding photographer to run-off with the photos if they fail to give him the fair amount for extra time for extra work.

8. “How long after the wedding will we be able to see wedding photos or receive the album?”

Waiting for the wedding photos can really seem agonizing because of the extreme excitement on how the shots turn out. Everyone will be asking to see the shots which will make the wait seem too long. However, giving the Idaho wedding photographer enough time to make awe-inspiring and splendid pictures will be worth the wait so he would not need to rush the prints and make the proper adjustments and editing needed.

9. “What type of photo paper will you be using for the wedding photography printouts?”

The wedding photographer will absolutely give the couple the choice as to what they want; a choice between having the photos last even for a hundred years, or photo papers that would fade with time. It would cost just a little more, but there are fresh and new acid-free photography printing papers that would make all the photographs last a lifetime. 

10. “Do you have an alternate wedding photographer and a backup camera in case something comes up or there are unforeseen disasters?”

This is one of the primary concerns that should be brought up during the meeting with the wedding photographer. Just in case, the photographer is indisposed on the wedding day, there is another professional wedding photographer to grab the shutter and take the photos. And if there will be technical problems with the camera, there will never be missed events because there is a spare camera on hand.

Everyone has their own idea of a dream wedding. When this day finally arrives, hiring an outstanding wedding photographer and capturing every meaningful moment in print would make everything extraordinary and unforgettable.