7 Creative Wedding Photo Album Ideas

Your wedding day is a special event. It’s a celebration of your everlasting love for each other while you’re surrounded by the most important people in your lives. As the years pass, you’ll want to remember this day vividly as if it happened yesterday. And what better way to keep this memory alive than a collection of photographs from the event? Here are seven creative wedding photo album ideas:

Traditional Wedding Album

A traditional wedding album consists of photographs that were carefully curated to capture the most special moments during your wedding day—from the bride and groom getting ready, to walking down the aisle, to the ceremony and reception. This is one of the most common options among engaged couples. However, it can lack personalization because it is literally just an album of photos. If all you want is to flip through your wedding day pictures, then this is as good as any. But if you want more intimacy and personality in how your wedding day pictures are presented, then you may want to consider the other options on this list.

Heirloom Box

An heirloom box is a popular trend nowadays. Couples choose a beautiful wooden box to store loose leaf copies of their wedding day pictures along with other mementos from the celebration. You can add a copy of your invitation, a dried flower from the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s neck or bow tie, a clean napkin from the table setting, and other small trinkets to remember your wedding by. The best thing about an heirloom box is that you can pass it down to younger generations. When you do, you can put your engagement or wedding ring inside so that your successor can use them down the line.

If you want to keep an heirloom box along with another variation of a wedding album, you can keep polaroids inside of it instead of 4×6 copies. This adds to the vintage feel of an heirloom box, especially if you’re planning to actually use it as an heirloom.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a display of the most beautiful photographs from your wedding day. You can choose your favorite pictures (about three to eight) and then have them printed in different sizes so you can create an eclectic gallery wall. Use different frames that somehow belong in the same theme so that they all still look cohesive once you put them up. Alternatively, you can create an elegant gallery wall with two to four poster-sized copies of your favorite wedding day pictures that you can put in similar frames. You can hang them up in a quadrant or line them up side by side with a few inches in between depending on the size of your wall.

Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is a large book that is meant to be looked at, not read. It is another popular option among engaged couples nowadays because of how sophisticated the end product is. Unlike heirloom boxes and gallery walls that are do-it-yourself projects, photographers usually offer coffee table books as part of their packages. Wedding coffee table books are also different from traditional wedding albums. The latter consists of loose leaf copies of photographs that are collected in one album, while the former consists of pages of photos bound into a single book.

A coffee table book is a timeless option that you can display in your home for guests to look at as they please. You may also pass it down to your children in the future.

Digital Wedding Album

A digital wedding album compiles soft copies of your wedding day photographs in one convenient device. Some couples purchase a tablet, iPad, or hard drive specifically for the purposes of storing pictures from their wedding day (although you don’t need to do this—an existing gadget is good enough as long as it has enough storage space). The great thing about a digital wedding album is that you can store it in the cloud for posterity. It won’t get exposed to the elements that can damage the photographs. You will have a permanent record of your wedding day as long as you keep the device safe and remember the password to your cloud account. You can also view a slideshow of your pictures as often as you want.

Online Wedding Album

To store your wedding album online, you can create a website that’s dedicated to your wedding day. Like a digital wedding album, this option protects your photographs from getting exposed to the elements. You will also be able to share this album with a lot of other people. Because it is online, sharing the memory with your friends and family will be as easy as sending a link to the website.

The downside with an online wedding album is that you have to purchase and maintain a domain name to keep it up. There are free domain names from web hosting services (like Wix and Squarespace), but you can’t fully customize the URL to your liking. If this is not that big of an issue for you, then an online wedding album is an amazing option. It is good for safekeeping, shareability, and accessibility.

Wedding Video

Although this last option is technically not a wedding album, it’s still included on this list. After all, a video is just a set of moving pictures, isn’t it?

A wedding video is one of the strongest trends in the wedding industry because it retains the emotion of the celebration. With the right editing and background music, you can relive the most special day of your life whenever you watch it. You can listen to your vows again, see every person who was invited to your wedding, and feel the moment as if you’re back to the day. It is also highly shareable—once you get a copy of your wedding video, you can send it to friends and family or post it to your social media accounts.

A traditional wedding album, an heirloom box, a gallery wall, a coffee table book, a digital wedding album, an online album, and a wedding video—these are the seven most creative wedding photo album ideas that you should consider. Whatever you choose, you’ll surely have a memento that you will cherish for the rest of your lives, till death do you part.