A Wedding in Thailand

Weddings are a big deal for couples. If you have a good relationship in your country, you will find it easier to plan your wedding. In Thailand, the legal framework to officiate marriages has made the job easier, and also the traditions of weddings are more relaxed than their counterparts.

There are many reasons why you may want to have a marriage in Thailand. For example, if you are the partner of a foreigner who is residing in Thailand, there are special rules that must be followed for foreign men and women who wish to have a marriage in Thailand. However, you do not need to be a foreigner to have a marriage in Thailand. All couples are able to obtain marriage licenses in Thailand.

A wedding in Thailand is a way to symbolize the commitment between a couple. Thus, couples look for all the possible means to celebrate their marriage with full dedication.

Bangkok is one of the most popular locations for weddings in Thailand. Some couples also choose the Sukhumvit or the Rattanakosin as the venue of their wedding ceremony. The venues in Bangkok and Pattaya are considered to be the most popular destinations for weddings in Thailand.

There are several wedding outfits available for Thai brides and grooms in the market. You can select from the different wedding outfits, wedding dresses, bridal shoes, formal clothes, formal wear, long gowns, formal dresses, and other wedding attire.  Clothes may be decorated with fine Thai flowers like white roses, carnations or even white lilies. With a wide selection of wedding apparel available in the market, you will have a difficult time choosing the appropriate apparel for your wedding. However, there are some aspects that you should consider while shopping for suitable attire.

It is important to consider the weather before you go out to buy traditional dresses. You can also look for those that will not be too heavy when you wear them. You may also consider other factors such as the cost of a dress and the actual look that you want for your wedding.

Engagement parties are also part of every couple’s life and a wedding is just one of the events. In this way, you can also buy engagement and wedding gowns that are suitable for your future in-laws.

When you plan to travel to Thailand, always bear in mind the correct attire to wear for weddings. If you cannot find the right outfit in your country, you can always go online and search for a suitable one in Thailand. You can even ask the Thai wedding arrangers for suggestions.

Travelers’ blogs are the best source for you to learn about the customs of Thailand. Through these, you will be able to get in touch with the people around you who may be able to give you details about local customs and traditions.

At weddings, the man and the woman will be married together by the priest, followed by the marriage ceremony. Usually, the man will give his wife a gold crown or a beautiful necklace made from gold.

Apart from the bride and the groom’s wedding, Thai weddings are also celebrated at royal occasions. For example, the Thai King performs his ceremony during the Queen Mother’s marriage anniversary and King Bhumibol performed his ceremony in Bangkok on the 65th anniversary of Thailand’s independence. While you are planning your wedding, make sure that the traditional outfits and themes that are worn at a wedding in Thailand are applicable to your personal requirements.