Create A symmetry

One of important components in photography is composition. It is the way parts in a photo being arranged. And a good photo composition is to create a symmetry in a photo.

Instagram loves Symmetry.

Symmetry means that a thing is like a reflection of itself.

it is all around us and symmetry has always been associated with beauty.

It looks about the same on both sides of a center line.

Look of 2 photos below:

A lot that is considered beautiful is in symmetry in nature.

One of secret to take a picture that many like is to find symmetrical motif and shoot it from the right angle as can be seen below:

The angle of the shot creates a symmetry in the picture.

Symmetry creates balance which is a bit of a holy grail in photography if you want to take visually satisfying pictures.

Want to make a symmetry photo to a next level, bring people on picture that have a symmetry pattern, or make even a portrait with symmetrical components in it as seen below:

It is a very powerfull portrait.

Symmetry will bring the viewers attention to personen in the picture and create an amazing feeling for the people who sees it.

Whenever you try to take a symmetry on a photo beware of imbalance. Symmetry is quite fragile in nature dan take a shot from a wrong angle. It could create an imbalance that create an uneasy feeling to the viewers as the human viewers always try to fix what is wrong in what they see in their brain. This wrong angle could be only about several centimeters.

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