How to Plan Your Big Day

If your other half has just popped the question, congratulations certainly are in order. No doubt you are still feeling over the moon. However, after the initial surprise and excitement have faded somewhat, you will need to start the process of planning for the big day. This is, of course, an exciting time for both partners, but it can lead to unnecessary stress if you do not manage the process well. You want to make sure you are both still talking to each other come the day of the actual event.

There is so much to think about when planning your dream wedding and this can mean that your big day starts to become an endless list of admin, rather than a fun event that you enjoy planning together. If you are someone who likes to feel in control and fully informed about what to do when, you may find a specific wedding planning course very useful, as this can save both time and money.

Oxbridge Home Learning offers a Plan Your Own Wedding Level 3 course that covers all the key steps and considerations of planning the day; including organising the venue, planning the catering, choosing invites and sourcing entertainment. The additional benefit of this course is that it is delivered through distance learning. Therefore, it will not get in the way of you being able to spend time planning your big day.

If you find that you enjoy planning your own wedding, this may be a good future career option for you. If this is the case, you can move on to complete the Wedding Planning Course, which looks more at the business and financial aspects of wedding planning. This course is also delivered through distance learning, which makes it very flexible.