Ideas for entertaining Kids at Wedding Party

Are you planning your wedding party? If babies and kids are welcome to your wedding you might need some good ideas for their entertainment.

Children love to play. Even though kids sometimes prefer to sit next to their parents during the wedding dinner – after a while they like a place where they can meet and get to know each other. Therefore it is the best to have a kids table ready.

There are some games and toys that are suitable for every child from 3 years and above. The right ideas will help you to keep the kids happy and entertained.

There is a little painter artist in almost every child. With paper, colored pencils and some coloring pages you are best prepared for their entertainment at your wedding party. As a plus, put some stickers or stickerbooks on the table and their creativity finds a new dimension.

Balloons in different colors and variations bring fun to every party. Not too expensive, they do not only serve as decoration but also as great toys. The range is wide from coloful balloons, gas filled flying balloons, LED and other features. Perfect to play with on the dance floor. With modelling balloons the children can try – with some help – to create different objects and animals.

You can also prepare a little give away box for every child. Spinners, yoyos, soap bubbles, glowing toys and other small toys are a lot of fun. And don’t forget the sweets and candies. Your little guests will be surprised. They will try out every toy and compare with each other. The gift bag can be taken home to remember your beautiful wedding for a while.

These are a few ideas for your inspiration. Of course more ideas are possible depending on your wedding location, your budget and help from family and friends.