Important Pointers to Remember for UK Spouse Visa Application

As they always say, love transcends boundaries, and it doesn’t know any race or color. This is why it is no longer a surprise that many UK citizens end up marrying a partner who comes from a different country. This kind of love stories is also made more possible because of travel and technology. There are also instances when a UK citizen wants their partner to be with them in the UK before marriage. It also makes sense since it is much better to know your partner more before you finally tie the knot with them for good. The same thing goes for the non-UK citizens with settled status in the country. If you want to be with your partner and live with him or her in the UK, getting a UK spouse visa is one of the first things you should do.

Things to Know about UK Spouse Visa

The UK spouse visa is also called a partner or unmarried partner visa. This is a particular type of settlement visa which allows non-UK citizens to live in the country for not over 30 months. As time passes by, you can then apply for an extension of additional 30 months. Following that, you can then submit your application for indefinite leave to remain.

This means that people who might not be UK citizens can apply to enter or remain in the UK since their partner is either a British citizen, someone with settled status, or someone with a humanitarian protection and refugee leave status. In the event that you are not living in the United Kingdom, it is a must that you apply for a UK spouse visa before you go there.

The regulations and laws on immigration in the UK are constantly changing. Not too long ago, there were several changes on the minimum requirement for income threshold, and this is one of the requirements when applying for UK spouse visa. The requests for visa for spouse status will be taking into consideration the different forms of financing such as self-sustainability, self-employment, and financial support coming from a relative or relatives. This only means that getting a UK spouse visa right now is made easier for some people than ever before.

Requirements for UK Spouse Visa

For a non-EU civil partner, unmarried, spouse, or same-sex partner of a UK citizen or a person with a settled status, it is now possible to apply for a UK spouse visa. The foremost requirements for this application to be approved include relationship status, financial status, knowledge of English status, and suitability. When all of these requirements have been met, you will be able to get the green light for staying in the UK for a span of 30 months. As mentioned earlier, you can ask for a permission to be extended for an extra 30 months. After 5 years have passed, one can then apply for settlement in the UK.

If you want to stay with the person you love in the UK, applying for a UK spouse visa is one of the first steps you can take.