Is this truly the best lightroom presets for Portrait Photography?

Ever since Lightroom was first introduced by the geniuses at Adobe; photographers have been using it to quickly edit their photos. Additional by using presets; with just one click; you could get stunning photos without even having to manually do everything from scratch. However, the question is how reliable are these presets when it comes to professional use? Well, that depends on how good the presets are.

Thanks to Mindtrick, achieving results that are equivalent to professional studio photography is just a couple of clicks away with their flagship Lightroom product called the Portrait Heinrich. This
exciting product pack includes both presets and premium brushes that are easily installed and compatible with all versions of the popular Adobe’s photo editing software. There are 80 presets
to choose from and they are tailored to every scenario of portrait photography not limited to both studio as well as portrait shooting in natural environment. There’s also Black and White presets
that are tailored to Studio photography such as using the popular and yet artistic Black Backdrop. They are highly adaptable for every type of situation.

We are lucky to get a free copy of Portrait Heinrich. Here is an example of how we turn Black backdrop photo of our model and turn it into something that is just remarkable. All it took was just one click:

There is no doubt that it is the best Lightroom presets for portraits that is currently in the market. With the premium brushes included, you could simply smoothen the skin, enhance the eyes, colour the lips and so much more. Think about what you can do with these portrait brushes; the sky is the limit. It is finally possible to build your own masterpiece with these highly advanced product using combination of both presets and brushes.

You can get your copy of Portrait Heinrich from Mindtrick’s official online store. We recommend it for all types of portrait photographers. After using it for a while, our favourite tool is the ‘Iris enhancer’ brush. You could create some spectacular close up shots of the eyes with it. What about yours? Do you have a specific portrait concept that you prefer? Please let us know in the comment box below!