Relationships take Time and Energy

If I were to ask you to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest, on how you show up to your relationship each day, what kind of score do you think you would give yourself? What kind of score do you think your spouse would give you? What if you were to base your score specifically on how you showed up to your relationship yesterday? Would you have scored well?

Many of us feel that overall we are doing well in our relationships, however when we flip the judge over to the eyes of our spouses, we may find that we are not doing as well as we might think we are.

Great relationships take time, focus and energy EACH and EVERY DAY. This is why I asked how you would rate yourself if you were to base your score specifically off of how you did Yesterday. Too often, we look at the big picture and convince ourselves that we do a “good enough” job. But is “good enough” really how you want the most IMPORTANT area of your life to be?

It is our firm belief that your marriage or relationship is hands down one of the TOP most important areas of your life that you want excelling. Yet, interestingly enough it is often the one area of our lives that we put on autopilot and just expect it to be or stay good. Without any additional time or effort on our part. It’s almost like people feel that once the wedding is over the work is done.

However, nothing could be more further from the truth. Great relationships require knowing what it is that you and your partner want to experience in your lives and then getting busy creating it. You must also do it each day, CONSISTENTLY.

Just as every principle of success requires time, energy, focus and consistency, so does having a SPECTACULAR marriage. It requires planning out what you want to experience and then identifying how you both can make it happen. What does it take for the both of you to feel loved, connected and intimate? What does it take for you both to feel passion, and desire for one another? If you don’t know, then these are great places to sit down and start asking questions.

Once you’ve identified what it is that you both want to have in your marriage, you must MAKE IT A PRIORITY to make it happen. Just like investing time in your health, your business or your kids, in order for your marriage to stay strong and flourish, you must also invest time into it DAILY. Not just once a month for date night, each and every day. You have to do the things that create passion and playfulness, or connection and appreciation. If you will not be careful, your partner will start looking at adultfrienedfinder.

When you take the time to discover what it is that you both want and desire from one another, and then take the time each day to do the things that make those desires come to life, that is when your marriage no longer is just “good enough”, but truly becomes SPECTACULAR.

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