The Top 10 Wedding Photo Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss Out On.

The day has finally arrived, it’s your wedding day, and you could not be happier. The church bells are ringing, and it’s time to put on that fabulous white wedding dress that you look gorgeous in. The people you love most are here to support and celebrate with you. Your wedding day is going to be remarkable, so here are some photo ideas you will want to be sure to take so you can remember this special day for years to come. 

  1. Rings – Every girlfriend you have will want to see that bling! Might as well take some artistic photos of that rock on your finger or in a flower, food, glitter, or another medium you would prefer to make your girl squad squeal.  
  2. The Dress – The wedding dress is one of the most expensive things we ladies will spend our money on, yet we only wear once. We really should have more photos of it to reveal in its beauty. Some great ways to get some more dress pics is to snap a pic of your family looking at it for the first time. Another great shot is when you put the dress on for the first time and also when you look at your self in the mirror for the first time with it on. 
  3. Decor and Wedding Details – Sometimes we don’t think about the wedding details after the wedding is done. But having some snapshots of all the wedding decor that was carefully selected and sometimes handcrafted will help transport you back to your special day. 
  4. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen – The closest friends tend to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen, so take some moments out of your special day to gather them together or separately and receive some unique pictures to remember those beautiful friends of yours. 
  5. Family – Your family may not be in the traditional sense, but taking some time to take some pictures with the people that you call family will mean a lot to you and them. 
  6. Cake – Food is excellent, but everyone knows that dessert is where it is at. It is traditional to freeze the top tier of the wedding cake and eat it on your anniversary, but it’s nice to have some pictures of the whole cake in all its glory. If food and dessert pictures are not your things, get some pictures of you and your partner cutting the cake that way, you will have a least one picture of your wedding cake. 
  7. The Food – Food is one of the things that bring people together and not only can you get some blackmail shots of your family and friends chowing down at your wedding but you can take some beautiful food shots to share on your Instagram and Pinterest wedding boards to help inspire future brides to be. 
  8. Reception – Its time to party, and some of the funniest pictures can be taken when on the dance floor. So spread those polaroids around or get your photographer out on the dance floor to capture those fun moments. 
  9. Before First Look Moments – One cute tradition you can keep alive and capture are the moments right before you come out and show your self off to your partner. These may become some of your favorite pictures. 
  10.  After First Look Moments – Don’t have the photographer roam too far because right after the before first looks come the first look moment. That first reaction is also special to not capture. 

The great thing about these photo ideas is that you will be able to look back upon them for the rest of your and your partner’s lifetime and remember how special and beautiful your wedding day was. So if all of these poses turned out make sure you hold onto the photography business cards you received from your photographer to give to your friends because they are a keeper. You can also use the photos for gift ideas and attach one of them to your thank you cards. No matter what type of photos are of interest to you as long as you and your partner remember the feelings that you shared on your wedding day is the most important.