Where you can save on your wedding day

Weddings may be the most romantic gestures of true love in the world but that does not mean it’s cheap. Spending a fortune you don’t have on a wedding that will last a mere hour is not advisable. While you might enjoy looking through the photo album to relive your wonderful memories, it might not be fun doing so while in debt. If you want to keep all the traditions alive, there is always a way to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams and still do away with all the expensive frills. So, if you want to save those few extra dollars on your wedding budget, here are a few tips to help you out to do just that.

Save on your wedding day

Children stay at home

While some brides don’t mind the cute laughter and the occasional screams of joy from children, some would prefer to do without any of that. Inviting children at weddings has always been a debate, are they too young to understand what is going on and do they really add any value besides the flower girl and ring bearer? When your wedding is on a budget, children that are you not immediate relatives are a no-no. When each cent counts, not inviting children to your wedding reception can see you save on a meal and beverages.  However, not all your guests will adhere to the no children rule but do re-iterate to those that have children that their offspring will most likely be bored and just take up expensive space.

Reception only invite

Undoubtedly the most important part of a wedding is not the first dance or first kiss but saying your vows to your partner. Committing to the one you love and having those close to you witness it is indeed special. And depending on the venue where the ceremony will take place, there is enough space for everyone. However, when it comes to the wedding reception venue, things can get a little tight. Because some venues charge per head, you might be tempted to have a reception with only a select few. And that is not a bad idea at all especially if your venue also can’t seat everyone who was at the ceremony. By only inviting those that are dear to your heat, you will be able to save on catering costs.


When it comes to flower arrangements, there are plenty that will need your attention. There are the brides and bridesmaids’ bouquets, the flower girls’, toss bouquet, table centerpieces and head table flowers just to name a few. However, is there any need for all these flowers? Do they serve any purpose? You can save a load of money by just purchasing flowers that are necessary for the day such as the bridal bouquet and toss bouquet. In place of a centerpiece, you can put a copy of the wedding invitation, a picture of the couple or just a seat number. I doubt anyone will complain that there is no elaborative centerpiece at their table. A smaller bouquet or even one that is hand-made will be a lot less expensive than purchasing a big bouquet that covers half of your dress. The same goes for your bridesmaids, either get them a small bouquet for aesthetics purposes or they can go without. Flowers are also cheaper when they are in season, so you can do some research on suitable blossoms for your nuptials.

I got a guy who knows a guy

With friends and loved ones surrounding you for your big day, why do you have to purchase or hire everything yourself? It is not difficult to enlist the help of those you love to loan you items that may be used for the wedding. Think about what you may need such as a vehicle from an uncle to transport the bride and groom, a vase for the head table’s flowers, ask aunts to bake a cake and may be even an entertainment system that will cut out the need of hiring a deejay. You can also ask your family and friends to decorate the wedding reception venue to save more on costs.

Why buy when you can hire

Will you be hiring your wedding dress and tuxedo for the day or will you be purchasing? Whatever you decide, keep in mind when you will be getting married and prepare in time. If you leave these important items for last minute, you might run out of time before finding something satisfactory. If you are getting married during a busy season, you might find that the dresses and tuxedos have already been rented out. If you are purchasing a custom-made dress, make sure that you identify a tailor month in advance to leave enough time for alterations. Hiring is a much better option because you get to return the dress once you’re done, and besides, the likelihood of wearing the dress you purchased again are almost non-existent. Most dress rental stores also offer to rent out accessories, so if you know you will never wear them again, then you can hire accessories. If you have a style of dress you want, shop online and try to find similar dresses until you find the one that is suitable. After the wedding is over, you can just take the wedding dress back to the store and there is not wasting time on finding extra space in your closet.


Some organizations have energetic teams that are creative and pay great attention to detail to provide you with a great wedding reception. At Red Scooter, for example, their team will coordinate along with you and share ideas to bring to life your vision of a beautiful and enjoyable wedding reception. Venues such as this are perfect because their exclusive packages might help bring the overall price down. So do some research on venues that offer specials for different budget tiers without scrimping on the quality and what they have to offer.

A wedding on a budget is not impossible; you just must be creative in how you plan it. With family and friends just waiting to give a helping hand, to turn your nose up when you need it. Weddings are special because they are a celebration of love, that celebration does not have to start your married life in red.