Why Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Weddings in Sioux Falls are beautiful. You’ve probably attended a few, seen videos of some, and are looking forward to yours. We are too, but there’s something people don’t often give couples a heads-up about. There’s a difference between attending a wedding as a guest and being the one hosting the wedding.

It’s the same as when you’re the one in the story and don’t get a full picture of what is happening until you can step back from it. Yes, you’ll have lots of fun and experience many different emotions. Still, there’s also something to be said for getting a chance to watch it all from the outside. That’s where wedding photos and videos come in.

By now, you already know that your wedding photos are essential. They’re a way for you to preserve the memories of the special moments at your wedding so that you can relive them again in the future. But when it comes to your wedding video, you find yourself wondering, “Do I really need a wedding video? Isn’t it overkill?” The answer is no; it’s not.

Wedding photography and wedding videography are two very different and equally important services that you’ll need. And we’re not just saying this because we’re a fantastic wedding videography company in South Dakota. We’re saying it because it’s essential, and many couples find this out too late.

In a recent survey, one of the biggest regrets from brides was not booking a wedding videographer. So, if you’ve been finding yourself wondering, “Why should I hire a wedding videographer” we thought we should help you with some answers. Here’s why you need one:

You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer Because Your Wedding Memories Are Important

Did you know that as humans, it is way easier for us to remember all the details of a bad experience than those of a good one? The happier you are in a situation, the easier it is for your mind to gloss over its details and lump it into one whole. It’s probably a left-over survival instinct.

Scientists believe that the human mind evolved this way for safety reasons. If you quickly remembered that you got burnt touching that red thing called fire, you were less likely to repeat the experience. While useful, this often means that people remember more explicitly the bad moments in their lives and forget the happiest ones.

How does this apply to weddings and a wedding video? Well, your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life! That means your mind will most likely remember things in a bit of a blur. You’ll be more likely to remember how happy you were overall than specific things that gave you joy.

With a South Dakota wedding videographer documenting your wedding in video, you’ll be able to watch the beautiful moment where you exchanged your vows again. You can then pay attention to every lovely detail.

The passion on your faces, the little smile your partner gives, you need to have that documented. As time goes on, you’ll be able to go back and see those moments over and over again. You can enjoy them, and continually watching will help you remember the extraordinary things even better.

Your Wedding Videos Tell A Different Story

Your wedding photos will help you capture the important moments at your wedding. When looking at them in the future, they’ll help trigger your happy memories of that day. With videos, on the other hand, it’ll be like you’ve been put right back in that moment.

You can relive the sound of the wind whistling through the trees while the officiant leads you to say your vows. The way your voices both sounded when you said your “I dos”; Your partner’s smile brightening up everything. You both deserve that.

For Those Who Couldn’t Make It

More than ever this year, we’ve come to see the importance of family. Now except you’re a billionaire, you most likely won’t have every one of your loved ones at your wedding. We’re sure even billionaires don’t invite everyone for safety reasons. But we digress!

There are many reasons why some of the special people in your life won’t be able to make it to your wedding. It could be finances or even ill-health. You can make them feel better by giving them a chance to experience that day through your wedding video.

Some Sioux Falls couples pay for a social media edit, or when your loved ones are better and pop in for a visit, you could slot it in. Family is important, and a wedding video is a great way to share your wedding story with them.

You Could Make It A New Yearly Tradition

Can you imagine a world where you only had one opportunity to watch your favorite movie? Or where you could only listen to your favorite song once (Shudders). Unimaginable right? You can see from this example that some experiences deserve to be relived over and over again. Your South Dakota wedding is one of them.

With a wedding video, you can relive your wedding however and whenever you want. You can even make it a yearly tradition to settle down with a lovely bottle of wine and enjoy the video from your wedding on your anniversary.

You’ll discover that it’s a helpful reminder of what your love is all about. Getting a Sioux Falls wedding videographer to document your wedding in this way is a great way to invest in the emotional future of your relationship. So, what do you say?