How to Make Beautiful Personalised Wedding Day Converse

More and more brides are going for the casual chic look or a more boho, laid back vibe at their weddings than ever before. To fit in with the trend, many brides are choosing comfort and opting to wear converse trainers down the aisle. Maybe you’d prefer to get wed in glamorous shoes but are getting changed into something more casual for the evening so you can dance the night away – customised converse are the perfect reception accessory!

wedding_converseYou can buy personalised converse for the bride (and groom, and rest of the wedding party) but expect to pay the wedding surcharge. It’s actually really easy to customise shoes for your wedding day using Swarovski crystals, so why not get creative and decorate the converse yourself? That way you’ll also have more control over the final design and you can personalise an old pair, rather than buying a brand new pair of shoes which may rub when you first wear them.

Read on for some easy-to-follow top tips on how to make crystallized converse.

Using rhinestones

Sticking crystals and rhinestones to the canvas shoes is pretty easy – you just have to figure out how much bling you want. Conversa trainers have a rubber tip, and most people tend to just cover this area with crystals where the toes sit. Alternatively, you could use crystals to spell out your new initials or even ‘Mrs’ on the side of the trainers. If you want to make sure your feet are the centre of attention, then why not crystallize the entire Converse? This will inevitably take longer but won’t fail to create an extra-special wow effect!

Satin laces

Another really simple way to make your Converse look instantly more bridal is to swap the ordinary laces for satin laces. White of course is the go-to colour, however why not try using some of your colour scheme colours or the colour of your bridesmaid dresses? Silver and gold also look effective on a white shoe – the choice is yours.

Add words

The best way to customise an accessory is to write something meaningful on it. When it comes to a wedding, the most important day of many people’s life, there is plenty of loving and meaningful words you could use to accessorise the shoes. From something as simple as ‘bride’ or ‘Mrs [new surname]’ to writing out the special date, the beauty of it is you get to choose. How about your favourite line from your first dance? Simply get a fabric marker, and practice your handwriting beforehand before writing the words straight onto the fabric. It might be a good idea to choose something really simply with as few letters as possible so there’s less chance of making a mistake.

The end result really will be beautiful, and meaningful to you. The best thing about wearing wedding converse is that you will still be able to wear them on a regular basis after the wedding – and look down and remember the best day of your life.

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