Choosing the Right Artcarved Wedding Band for You

Artcarved wedding bands come in a hundred of styles among which the bride and the groom can choose from. Whereas the traditional bands are simple and round golden rings, these artcarved wedding bands are elaborated to be more unique and to accentuate its difference from any other bands. Whether the bride and the groom want to have a gem studded or wide wedding bands where their names are carved, these are all possible now with artcarved wedding bands.


Traditionally, a woman receives two rings. One is the engagement ring that is commonly studded with a piece or pieces of diamond and the second one is the wedding band that is usually simple being a round golden band. No matter how modern the world of today is and how this modernization has influenced the history and culture of one’s country, still the tradition continues to be popular among many countries throughout the globe.


However, since the wedding bands are far more important than the engagement ring, there are certainly times that couples choose to incorporate the engagement ring design into the wedding band and so to save costs. For instance, instead of buying an engagement ring with a carat of diamond and a wedding band, one may purchase a wedding band with a carat of diamond. If the customer demands for a more customized design, then the band can now turn into a stunning and breathtaking artcarved wedding band.

If you are about to buy a wedding band one of these days, it is imperative to consider some things in order to make a well-informed decision in buying one.

  1. The wedding band should come complementary to the engagement ring. If an engagement has already been given, make certain the band looks good in the hand with the engagement ring. As much as possible, you can try different wedding bands to see how the two rings look together. The band’s width can extremely affect the way it looks with the engagement ring. Keep in mind that once a ring is finished with great details, it will look beautiful in the hand but can outshine the other rings on your finger.

  1. For studded bands. It will be your choice if you want gemstones encircled or not in your wedding band. This decision depends on your personal taste, budget, fit and comfort. Many people like gemstones studded around their band while others prefer a single gemstone placed on the top of their wedding band. Initially, the good thing about encircled gemstones on a band is that the wearer does not have to worry about the ring twisting in the finger. However, the disadvantage of this is that the wearer must certainly keep the gemstones intact for they are prone to loss or breakage.

  1. Decide if you want to have a matching artcarved wedding band. A lot of wedding band manufacturers offer a variety of matching bands for men and women nowadays. See how it looks good in you and your partner.

  1. Choose between half or flat artcarved wedding band. The half round wedding band is somehow domed or curved while the flat band is flatter on the finger. The choice between the two purely matters on your personal taste.

Once, you keep these things in mind, you are sure to have a well-informed decision once you buy a wedding band.

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