Fashion anklets

Fashion anklets, ankle bracelets, or ankle chains are ornaments worn around the neck. Toe rings and anklets have been in use historically for many centuries by women in India who are yet to be married. In the United States both formal and more casual anklets became a fashion statement in the later parts of the 20th century.



In popular western culture, both men and women could put on casual anklets, they are more common among barefooted women. The formal anklets which are made of gold, silver beads are a popular aspect of women fashion jewelry.

The ankle chains are more rarely joined together by chains to reduce the step. This was a prevalent practice in the Middle East as this was meant to give short tripping steps to the feminine gender. Nowadays, very few women from the western world maintain this practice and do not do so in public places.


Fashion anklets can be produced using gold, silver and some other less kinds of precious metals and also materials such as nylon, plastic, leather and other similar materials. In western culture ankle chains or anklets are used mainly by young women and girls however, a few older women still make use of them. There are 2 types of metal anklets: flexible and the inflexible. Flexible metal anklets commonly called Jhanjhar or Pajeb in India, are produced by tying links on a chain. Loud sounding bells can subsequently be attached to the chain to enable the wearer make pleasant sounds while moving around. The inflexible metal anklets are created usually by making shapes out of flat sheets of metal.


Just as any other jewelry, the pricing for anklets differ significantly depending on the materials, production method and type. They are accessory item used by a wide range of persons from young girls to older women. Also there are lots of styles and designs available in ever increasing Shop Anklets.

Common types of anklets include brass, nickle, zirconia, cubic, rhinestone, shell, crystal, turquoise, coral, birthstone, gemstone, diamond, charm, pearl, white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and beaded.

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