How to Make an Impressive Wedding Guestbook

Calling all DIY brides! Are you trying to find a shabby chic guestbook for your big day, but realising they are all overpriced or a little dull? Do you want to inject some personalisation and creativity into your wedding? Making your own unique guestbook is incredibly easy and has maximum effect. You get to choose the design you want, and it’s an impressive way to invite your guests to sign your guestbook. A custom wedding guestbook is also more special to keep forever, as it’s something you made yourself to remember the happiest day of your life.

So the creative team at Crystal Parade are going to take you through step by step how to create a customised guestbook. It’s so simple that it’s one less thing to worry about in the run up to the big day!


1. Buy a Scrapbook
You can find some really beautiful hardback scrapbooks out there to act as a perfect blank canvas. Chain stationery shops don’t always hold the best creative finds – try independent stores and garden centres. We suggest using a large scrapbook with lots of pages and in brown kraft paper or card. It’s always better to have too many pages than not enough – if there are pages left over after the wedding you can fill it with photographs from the day and turn it into a wedding memory scrapbook.

2. Invite the bridesmaids to help
Decorating your wedding scrapbook shouldn’t take more than a few hours, so it can be done in one night in with the girls! Just make sure you are prepared – if you have a wedding logo or theme going on, make sure to incorporate it. If you’d like a photograph or a range of pictures on the front of the guestbook or in the pages, then make sure they are all printed and ready to stick.

3. The front cover
When it comes to the front of your personalised guest book, simple is better. It’s important you actually tell your guests what it is; so write on it ‘name and name’s wedding guestbook’ or just ‘guestbook.’ If you’re an experienced crafter you may have stencils or stamps for this, but otherwise this can be done carefully in marker pen.

Then it’s time to decorate! Again if you have a certain theme, such as a rustic barn wedding, then lace, burlap and pearls would tie in well. To make the guestbook stand out and look extra special, why not add some crystals on the cover? Preciosa crystals are very similar to Swarovski but a fraction of the price, so this can give the guestbook a luxury touch without eating into the budget.

4. The inside pages
You can add pretty finishing touches to the inside pages or leave them blank – it’s up to you. Perhaps you’d like to add some old photos of you and your fiancé to show how far you have come together. Otherwise glitter, crystals, pearls, twine bows and other craft products can take the personalised scrapbook from boring to impressive.

So there you have it – making your special wedding day guestbook is one of the easiest DIY jobs for brides. Happy scrapbooking!

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