How to monetize photography

Being professional or amateur photographer you are very often in situation that you don’t have ways to earn and monetize your photography. Moreover, finding meaningful ways of promotion are hard and often you will need much more time than you actually

Of course, you may build your portfolio website, create Facebook page and invest money to get more exposure using social media websites, but in this article I will show you how you can earn money from photography without any other investment than few minutes of your time.

Have you heard about Fliiby?! Fliiby stands for file library and it is unique digital content monetization platform that can help you earn additional money from your photographs. Instead of sharing your photos for free on 500px or Flickr, Fliiby actually pays for every view that your photographs get. Their digital content monetization platform is ad based, pretty similar to YouTube partnership program, and you are able to create additional income stream using their service.

Moreover, Fliiby is free to use and without limitations. There is no bandwidth cap so you are not in a situation that you must think about it or in a situation that you need to pay for bandwidth that you use. Also, they have unique dynamic storage model and as long as you upload content that is compliant with their terms of service, you will get 2x more space than you use, therefore, you will always have more than enough storage space for your photographs.

In order to promote yourself, make money through photography using Fliiby, you need account on their website that you can create for free. Once you upload few photographs, apply for monetization and wait a little bit in order to get approved by their staff. Once approved, you will earn for every view on your photographs that you get through their system and when you share your photos with the world and your friends.

If you want to improve your earning from Fliiby, you may post and share your photographs on your Facebook page and share it with your friends and followers. Also, you are able to share them in places where you are active member of community – like on forums, boards, different groups, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Basically, everywhere you want, you are able to share your photos and every time someone clicks on it and views it – you are earning money.

Of course, in case that you already have your own blog, you may use your photographs from Fliiby and embed them in your posts. For every view on your blog page you will be credited with the view and improve your earnings while saving your bandwidth. In short, you will be able to earn more while reducing your server costs.

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