The Perfect Prom Dress

Oh my gosh, just thinking back at when i went to prom feels like a century ago now. In fact i can barely even remember it – Though i do remember one thing, the hideous dress i wore – yikes!

Okay, *currently searching back through old Facebook photos* – we are going way back to 2007 which was 7 years ago now when i went to prom. With a black and white weird shell type dress, black dangling necklace and loosely curled hair i obviously thought i looked cool.

Back then it wasn’t always about the dress, of course it would of been nice to have a fancy dress but to us it was just about going and having a great time and for me my family couldn’t really afford to buy me a fancy dress so i just stuck to a cheap Tammy Girl prom dress.

Nowadays however it’s all about the dress, you have got to have the perfect dress for Prom night and i’ve picked out a good selection for Prom Dresses UK to suit all.


My main concern when picking out a prom dress was did i want to wear a colourful dress or stick to a plain black and white, again back then there wasn’t many coloured prom dresses to choose from so the majority of us wore black and white. However nowadays there are much more options to choose from – My favourite types of prom dresses have to include some kind of bedazzle-ness on the dress. I’ve picked 4 of my favourite dresses. First is the A Line V Neck Chiffon Rhinestone Prom Dress in a gorgeous cobalt blue – this instantly caught my eye with the rhinestones on the v neck, this dress is very eye catching and if you wanted to wear some colour for prom why not go for the perfect shade of cobalt blue.

The next choice is one i’d personally go for, if you want to look like a beautiful fairy princess this is the one for you – The A Line V Neck Tulle Rhinestone Prom Dress is just stunning and a complete winner if you want to look the part for the night – the colour is a subtle nude shade which brings all the attention to the rhinestone embellishments on the dress.

The next one is another one of my ultimate favourites, the Princess Sweetheart Tulle Full Length Sequin Dress, my my isn’t she a looker! I can see celebrities wearing this down the red carpet – this dress really is an eye catcher and if you really want to go all out for Prom then this is the dress for you!

Lastly is a similar style to the other one but instead of the sequins this dress has a beautiful rhinestones – The Princess Sweetheart Tulle Floor Length Rhinestone Prom Dress is mint coloured which is one of my favourite colours – along side many of you i’m guessing. If you wanted a more subtle colour with that something special on the dress again this is the one – this is very minimalistic dress which focuses all it’s attention on the rhinestone bust area of the dress – very stunning indeed.

All these dresses can be found at – where they have a wide range of prom dresses to choose from.

Which dress would you go for?..

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