Religious wedding invites can make your day

traditional-wedding-invitation-card-in-sea-and-silver-colour-i-477-_MG_7138_LRGWedding is a very both and special event in the world. Every day, every time and every moment in this world somebody get married. Similarly in India, people are very conscious about their wedding ceremony. Indian marriages are very different from any other religion marriage. They invite a lot of people on their wedding ceremony. So they invite their relatives by giving them marriage cards in which name of groom and bride was write with glowing lightening. The name of address where all function was arranged is also writing on that wedding card. Hindu wedding cards are totally different from any other card. They have different design and color scheme.

Design and Styles

Hindu wedding cards are amazing in color, style, theme and design. There is a lot of themes and styles of their wedding cards. Shimmery paper, handmade paper, small size cards, light weight cards, laser cut invitations, ribbon in multi-layer, hard bound thick cards, peacock themes cards, radha krishen themes, door pen styles cards, bride groom theme cards, broach cards, floral theme cards, cards with painting and damask theme cards are some cards with special themes, designs and styles which are mostly used in Hindu weddings.

Colors and Pricing

There is a large coloring scheme in these Hindu wedding cards. There are some contrast in colors and also color designs that catch the eyes. Red maroon, black grey, orange, blue, white, pink, green, gold silver cooper and yellow these are the special color that are mostly used in Hindu wedding cards. Their price range is very affordable for every person. Their price level starts from $1 to $50. Every card also has its own card number. You can also choose color and card of your own wish and order them online.

There are different colors and styles of these wedding cards in which some are given below.

1. Designing Card

This is a double fold hard bound card. These Indian wedding cards consist of basically three colors that are yellow, pink and purple. This card price is only $6. Its production time is regularly 8 to 10 days and urgently its production time is 5 to 7 days. Its weight is only 230 grams. It size is 7” * 10” inches.

2. Symbolic Card

This card can consist of any picture like a girl in a Dolli that is symbol of Rukhsati. It contains also an umbrella and bells and many other symbolic things. It price is $2.75 and weight is only 105 grams. Its size is 8.15” * 8.15” inches.

3. Handmade Paper Card

This is a very beautiful card with amazing colors and designs. Its price is only $1.50 and weight is 55 grams. Its size is 4.74” * 9” inches. It consist of two envelops that keep in the folder. You can write custom wedding wishes on the cards.

4. Multi-Color Card

This card consists of multi colors and 4 envelops. Its special color is gold silver with the price $6. Its size is only 8” * 10” inches. Its weight is only 155 grams.

5. Shimmery Paper Card

It is an amazing Hindu wedding card with grey and pink contrast. Its price is only $2.5 and size is 8” * 7.5” inches. Its weight is 90 grams. Its production time is 10 to 12 days.

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