Best Wedding Venues in Portugal

One of the ideal places for wedding is Portugal, because it’s great location for seaside weddings either on the beach or cliffs. The design of the interior is rich in interesting sites for wedding and the romantic honeymoon trips. Therefore, Portugal is a place where can certainly enjoy and never forget your wedding.

If you preferred beach Portugal weddings, Portugal has many beautiful beaches that can be a venue to your wedding. Here are some wedding venues in Portugal that will make it unforgettable.


  1. Villa Sao Paulo

Villa Sao Paulo is the best example for a beach wedding; it is located in Estoril Portugal. This place is one of the best wedding destinations because of its stunning seaside that are perfect for your special occasion. You must see and spoil yourself in this exclusive wedding venue for you.

  1. Arriba by the Sea

Another perfect venue for beach wedding is Arriba by the Sea. It is a multi-purpose venue in Portugal. This place is surrounded by a splendid nature and see. It is built towards the sea and it directly to beach that makes a wedding more special.

  1. Coconut by the Sea

Coconut by the Sea, this wedding venue is located in sunny and beautiful Lisbon Coast-Cascais. It has a perfect view of Atlantic Ocean. This venue offers the perfect spot to get married on the water. Very magical spot one must visit.

For those couples who want to be married in reception hall, Portugal has many venues that can offer to you. Here are some Portugal wedding venues that has a stunning and captivating design.

  1. Quinta

The Quinta, it is the first vintage wedding in a villa with pure rustic feeling in each detail. It is located in Sintra Mountains plus this is the most visited wedding destination in Portugal. It has historical parkland with two centuries of history that surrounds the amazing view of Atlantic Ocean and garden.

  1. National Palace of Pena

National Palace of Pena is also one of the perfect venues for a wedding. It is one the Seven Wonders of the World. It is built solely on the top of rocks, over the top of Sintra’s Mountain.

  1. Convento do Carmo

If you prefer private and historical kind of wedding, Convento do Carmo is the place perfect for your special occasion. It is located in front of Carmo Square that very close to Santa Justa Lift.

These venues mentioned above are very beautiful places that will make your wedding be more special and unforgettable. Portugal is a must visit place for you to experience the amazing beauty of this country.

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