Wholesale diamonds and engagement rings Houston

When me and my future wife first started dating I had no idea that I was going to one day propose to her. She was a girl that I met in college when I was out at the bars one night with a group of friends. But there she was and she was standing on the other side of a bar with a drink in her hand and she was wearing a stunning flower dress.

I was attending the University of Houston and I was in the process of getting my marketing degree. Finding the love of my life and falling in love was the last thing on my mind. I guess these things just sort of happen. After we had fallen in love and started to get serious I began to think that this could be the girl that I marry.

I soon was asking her mom if she minded if I proposed to her daughter. The mom and me had became great friends and I knew she would be happy if we were to get married. The next step was for me to buy this girl an engagement ring so I could get down on one knee and propose. The question now was how where to I find an affordable engagement ring and how do I get her one she will love.

I did a lot of research and buying from a local jewelry store in Houston was the route that I chose. I went into several engagement ring stores and luckily I found a place that sold wholesale diamonds and engagement rings for a great price to the public called Diamond Exchange Houston. Our marriage is set in 2 months from now and I can hardly wait. The venue we are getting married at is called The Meekermark. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this girl.

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