As we move further towards the next decade technology is advancing day to day. Because of new technology its possible for consumers to own professional video camera equipment. Gone are the days of only a few being able to produce production quality movies. Now with the advent of 4K cameras the quality of film and video is beginning to improve drastically. cams

So when choosing a camcorder today you must consider the functionality compared to the cost to make sure you get the right camera. One of the newest from Sony is the FDR AX100 . This is the first truly hand held 4k camera available today.  The picture comes out in ultra HD which is far more than many other camcorders on the market today. Sony also have released the Z100

Whether you are engaged in run and gun filmmaking or studio productions, the PXW-Z100 is a great tool to take along with you. First of all, it has really outstanding features from the video quality to the body design and even audio quality. Second, the price tag for the camcorder isn’t too steep for one that is capable of shooting 4K video. Lastly, it is really lightweight and compact which means that taking it wherever your shoot requires you to be won’t be a hassle.

There’s lots of things to love about the PXW-Z100. Of course, what would stand out is its ability to shoot 4K video for a rate that is really cost effective. Rather than just boast about being able to shoot 4K video, this camcorder really delivers. The results have really outstanding quality, both the video and audio.

The outstanding features are also complemented well with the great design of the PXW-Z100’s body. The button placements are really well thought of and they are really easy to find. With this ease of navigation, workflow will be really smooth and hassle free.

As we can see the new 4k cameras are starting to take the majority of the market up with new ones being brought out every week or two.

But, there are still those that can’t afford the high prices of 4K cameras. For these people the Latest Consumer Camcorders is probably the best list to look at. All of these camcorders come without an xlr. AN Xlr input I used for connecting your shotgun microphone too.

IF you don’t require advanced audio recording then you definitely do not need a XLR input, if you do use XLR just remember you will have to pay around $300 for a good shotgun microphone.

Just make sure that when you choose a camera that you have a good look around for pricing, there are some great suppliers out there than will often deliver next day and a discounted price so its important to shop around.






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