How he surprised her at the movie theatre

Imagine you are having a girls night out at the cinema – not suspecting anything – and before the film starts, you become the leading character yourself.

animieresThis is exactly what happened to Karin. Georg asked the video producers from Animier-es for their help and they solemnly said : “Yes we will!”

In a short animated trailer they retold the personal love story of Georg and Karin. The film was shown in the trailer-block, right before the main movie, when Karin was there with her friends – not suspecting anything.

Georg was also hidden among the crowd, his knees trembling.

At the end of the trailer Georg suddenly appeared before her, with a big bouquet of flowers and a ring asking for her hand.

Watch her reaction and the trailer here:

The video is in german, but there are english subtitles available!

We hope this video warms your hearts the way it did ours.

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