The difference between Engagement Session and Love Story

There are differences between love story and engagement session, and we want to help you to understand better what they means. Practically the engagement session is a photo shoot posing, where the couple are made up, coiffed, arranged just like real models in a real photo shoot, very beautiful this part, definitely worth considering it. Now the fashion and came from everywhere, everyone knows and speak well of this beautiful memory – engagement session. So many different photos, starting with those romantic, sad, funny, with different accessories particular, in short, very funny, depends on the ideas that the photographer chooses. Searching the net we found a lot of examples, but the one that impressed us the most was the engagement session by Imagestudio’s, very particular with wonderful shots. From what we can see, they chose a sunny day, just suitable for this type of service, then the torque and really nice, so it could not have gone better for our couple. The pictures, as always, must be taken by a true professional, one amateur will never make a difference, the photographer will have to put you at ease, and then allow you to interact with them, always adding a touch of creativity, while still leaving the bride and groom decide how you want to move during the photo shoot for engagement session. So what exactly is this engagement session? How to behave, when you perform the service, what you need to accomplish? That comes in handy here you always Imagestudio, where we also hints at to best describe this difference between the engagement session and love story. For many photographers, but also ordinary people it is a chance to make simple photo to the couple before their wedding, perhaps as a simple test to see if they can be there in front of the camera, if you find the right photographer at the wedding but not just so that this photo shoot was born, although it certainly is no reason to make it what it is worth, so maybe you anticipate surprises that can be found on the day of the wedding. We believe that engagement session should not be tied to force marriage, in fact they are separate services, and also because they said that the photographer who will carry out the service engagement session will also be the official photographer for the wedding, this must be specified in order not to confuse you.

On the other hand, on the other hand we have the photo shoot for a love story, also this is a really wonderful service, which we recommend to all couples. The difference with respect to the engagement session, and what a love story can be done at any time, even after marriage, this makes no difference, since it is not an engagement tell, but a simple love story. As told by image study, they cater for a love story, a lot of couples who have had negative experiences for the day of their wedding, so in this way to remedy pretty dress again by the bride and groom to make some professional shots, just to have as a keepsake and to see the guests, rather than to see the wedding photos that do not have liked. But even here the love story depends on case to case, there are those who simply want to choose all services, for more pictures, more beautiful memories, on the other hand there are those who decide to save for the photographer, a choice that we never share are unique memories that need to be experienced in full. We leave you to see some examples of love story always made from ImageStudio.


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