Questions you should ask to a Prospective Headshot Photographer

Whether you want headshots as an actor, model or just for personal use, you want to have great headshots. Here are questions and tips that could help you find the right photographer that is a right fit for you:

  1. Research. Ask industry professionals, acting coaches and anyone you know who had made it through the field on who they recommend. The names you hear more than ones are the ones you should consider. Whoever it is you end up choosing, make sure you are comfortable working with him/her.

Most reliable photographers have their own website. Look at their portfolio; see how they take their photos and where they are good at. Also, make sure to look at their prices, recommendations, available locations and observe how professional their website is. Make sure that where he/she is good at is a good match to the role you are aiming for—be it modelling, dance, acting, commercial or theatrical. One thing to keep in mind, price does not always mean quality.


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  1. Ask the right questions. Here are a few good ones to start:

  • What does your price include? Does it include hair and make-up? Retouching and editing?

  • Do you shoot digital photographs and films?

  • How many setups and clothes changes are included?

  • How many pictures can I choose from?

  • How long does each session take?

  • What are the payment terms? (Never pay in full before the job is done or until you haven’t seen your final photograph)

  • Can I see my pictures during the shoot?

  • Do you work on a studio and can you also go on location?

  • If you can, where do you prefer to do it? Does it involve a number of locations? How do we get there?

  • Do you help with choosing of the outfit?

  • How do you choose the right set of lighting? How do you control it?

  • How long does it take before I see the final prints? The CD?

  • If ever I happen not to like your output, what options do I have?

  • What ideas do you have on how the job must be done and what qualities do you want to capture?

  • What are the types of roles that I could I portray that the photos should be able to capture

  1. Assess the photographer’s work. When you meet, ask to see samples of numerous photographs from a single shoot. You want to know that he/she is consistent and that you will have a lot to choose from thereafter. Check if the achieves the right blend of lighting, background and feel while also showcasing the genuine personality of the actor whatever role he chooses in the photo—for example, vulnerable, sexy or depressed.

  1. Take into consideration the personality of the photographer. Even though you only have met for a few minutes, you will be able to tell that you are comfortable with him/her. Select a photographer that is supportive, creative, friendly, fun and most of all professional.

  2. Check the place where the photo shoot is to take place. Also, check everything that is involved, the cameras, lighting equipment, background and the place where you will be preparing and changing your clothes. Does it make you feel comfortable?

By following these 5 steps, you have a higher chance of getting headshots that will propel you to get more auditions that are really right for you and could result in a better chance of getting booked.

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