Diamond vs morganite for an engagement ring?

There have been a lot of debates on weather to choose a diamond or morganite ring for an engagement ring. Both have their own characteristics, so it may be hard to give you a conclusive answer. Still, this article will attempt to show you what the major differences between the two stones are.

Generally, both morganite and diamond are hard stones. In fact, comparing them to steel on the Mohs scale of hardness, you can soon realize that they have twice the hardness. Yet for some reason, people generally prefer diamonds in engagement rings, mostly because of fear of damaging the morganite stone. Since the diamond in a 10 on the scale and morganite is a solid 8, you really do not have to worry about the hardness.


What is more of an issue is the look. While some prefer a morganite, other like diamonds more. Diamonds are available in clear and colored versions, while morganite, a form of beryl that also forms sapphires, is usually found in pink, orange tones. As such it is often considered quite feminine.

Morganite can get cloudy faster than diamonds, but this can be fixed real easy.

Many people settle on a morganite engagement ring as an affordable alternative to diamonds. That is a mistake in opinion. Quality comes with a price and you may find that a cheap morganite ring can not compete with a diamond. For about the same price though, you can expect similar results.

In conclusion

So when comparing a diamond vs morganite, which one is the winner?

A rock is still a rock and it is not as important as the person you are going to marry. That being said, be sure to think your purchase through, since you probably do not want t return your engagement ring anytime soon, be it for symbolic or esthetic reasons.

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