How to Find A Perfect Wedding Venue in Waikato, NZ

Waikato is a lovely location for your wedding in NZ. It has a lot to offer when it comes to weddings, and couples love the versatility. Are you thinking of having your ceremony in a quaint barn with rustic décor? You’ll find just the venue with that in Waikato. You also find wedding venues in Waikato with scenic manicured lawns, beautiful gardens, and even rugged cliffs if you desire. These and many more are why Waikato is popular for weddings in New Zealand. If you’re a couple planning to have your wedding in Waikato, this is for you. Here are some tips outlining how to find the perfect wedding venue in Waikato, NZ.

Start by Using A Wedding Directory

Wedding directories are the best place to start when searching for wedding venues in Waikato. You’ll find excellent options available just a click away. Directories also offer couples information on the venue, like the prices and wedding packages if available. If you’re looking for an option that makes it easy to compare venues, wedding directories are your answer. You’ll find side-by-side information on potential venues alongside pictures to make that happen.

Check for The Location

After finding some fantastic wedding venues in Waikato options on the directory, it’s time to choose. One of the criteria to work with is location. How accessible is the wedding venue? Transportation can end up taking a massive chunk out of your wedding budget if you’re not careful. Is the venue remote, or can your guests easily find public transport back to where they are staying after your wedding? The location of your wedding venue will play an essential role in this.


In checking for capacity when it comes to assessing wedding venues in Waikato, there are things to keep in mind. One of those is that you have to think about more than the number of tables and chairs. Ensure that there is enough space for moving around and dancing too. This should be available no matter the kind of tables you choose to use. The layout of the venue you select is also crucial.


Many wedding venues tend to restrict catering to in-house when it comes to weddings in Waikato. Depending on your diet restrictions and other factors, this could be of importance to you. So make sure you ask if your venue has such a limitation and what options are available. Apply the same to your wedding drinks too and ask if your venue will provide them, or you can come with your own drinks. There could be a corkage fee attached to the latter option.


Accessibility, especially for the disabled and elderly guests attending your wedding, is also important. Make sure that your wedding venue is not only accessible to them but also provides an enjoyable experience. Facilities to keep in mind mainly include restrooms. You don’t want your Great Aunt Marge to have to walk too far just to use the bathroom.


Finally, you should pay attention to the facilities on offer when choosing from your list of wedding venues in Waikato. Are they offering you an indoor or outdoor space? Is there a backup option? Does your venue have access to the seaside or beach? What choices do you get when it comes to taking your wedding day photo session on-site? As mentioned earlier, amenities like restrooms should also be available and easily accessible. These are some of the factors that will come together to make your wedding in Waikato a brilliant experience.

Finding the perfect wedding venue for your celebration in Waikato, NZ, can be an exciting experience. However, once you factor in your personal preferences and the above criteria, you’ll be on the right path. So, what do you say? Will you be getting started on your search immediately? Best of luck!!!

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