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In the past, people used to communicate using products of nature such as flowers. Flowers symbolize forgiveness, gratitude, love and remembrance. Different blossoms of flowers convey different meanings to different cultures such as fertility, passion, respect and honor. Some of the favorite flowers include:



A blossom of hyacinth stays fragile and young. They blossom early in life and fade out swiftly. The Greek believe that Hyacinth sprang forth from the blood of hyacinth, a beautiful human youth who was loved by both the gods Zephyr and Apollo. When Zephyr discovered that Apollo was preferred by Hyacinth, Zephyr killed the youth. Hence the flower hyacinth is a symbol of consolation for lost love.


It is believed that Aster germinated from the grain of sawdust which was scattered upon the earth from heaven by the goddess Virgo. Aster in Greek means star. Hence, clusters of Aster bring the thought of night sky to the people of Greece. In Europe, it is thought to have magical powers. Some even believe that the yellow eyes of the flower are capable of driving away evil spirits.


Every aspect of a sunflower is useful. Its seeds can be used as food, the stalks can be used for animals and the leaves can also be used as cloth. The sunflower is a symbol of nourishment, warmth and power to the Incas of South America. They attach so much importance to the sunflower and it is placed in temples and prominent places. In China, the sunflower is a symbol of longevity.


This flower has a pure and innocent appearance. Its name is derived from the old English word, day’s eye due to the nature of daisy closing their petals when the sun sets to cover their eyes. There is also a Greek legend about the origin of this flower


Flowers can make the perfect gift. You can send flowers to newly-weds to congratulate them on their new life.  Blossom’s Floral Artistry can create the perfect arrangement to help you join in the celebration. Check their website, which covers a wide selection of gifts and has pieces perfect for every event and every budget:

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