The Power of Flowers

Let’s talk about your wedding flowers today! Your bridal flowers may just seam like a sort of after thought, and one more thing that you need to add to a growing list of choices to be made for your wedding day. As a photographer I can tell you that to me, they are the icing on the cake and the colors that you choose are really going to set the mood for your wedding pictures.

If I see a bride in a long white gown and a huge white bridal bouquet, it’s very classic and traditional, and I love seeing that look if I’m shooting a wedding in a church or outside with a ton of landscaping and greenery around us, suck as a garden wedding, or a golf club event. There is enough going on color wise in the background that the flowers will stand out very nicely, because nothing else around you is pure white!

wedding3If we are photographing your wedding at San Francisco City Hall, then I suggest color, and lots of it! This iconic building is 500,000 square feet of marble and sandstone, and it’s all pretty much a sandy beige color. It’s stunning, but I personally do not feel that white flowers make as much of an impact statement here. This is where I love to see hot pink and purples, reds and warm corals and oranges. The last year or two I’ve seen some florists mixing in succulent plants, and I think it’s a fantastic addition. One of my favorite editing tricks is to take an image and turn it to black and white, and then leave the brides bright bouquet of flowers in color. It’s super cute, if I do say so myself.

Another very sweet trend is making your bouquet personal. I’ve seen a number of brides who were eloping, take tiny photographs of their parents and grand parents in one inch frames and had their florists attach them by ribbons to the bundle of flowers. Some people use a lucky charm or a memento that belongs to a loved one who can’t be there that day.


I know flowers can be very expensive. I’ve had brides tell me that they aren’t going to get them at all, which I feel is a mistake. You can always go to your local craft store and grab a few silk flowers and wrap them in ribbon yourself. This actually works remarkably well and looks the same as real flowers in the pictures. The other plus is that you can keep your flowers, since they won’t be wilting.

The last thing I want to talk about before I get to my referrals is flower crowns. They make me swoon, seriously. If you check my instagram page @rachellevinephoto you’ll see me modeling a gorgeous crown at the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles this week. I’m officially in love with this Boho/Hippie Chick/Off Beat Bride look! These are NOT just for the flower girls any more. They are glorious and bold and romantically sweet all at the same time.

So who do I have for you today? What insider tips? Well, if you are going to get married at San Francisco City Hall, I have a special flower deal for you. Paula at will do a his and hers flower special for $85 if you tell her that you are my couple. How about that? And if you are looking for your very own flower crown please message Thistleandseed on instagram. I just met the fabulous woman who started this company, and I’d love to send more brides their way, because their work was phenomenal.They will ship!

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding wedding flowers, and want a professional photographers opinion, don’t hesitate to write to me at Happy flower designing!

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