Simple Photography Tips Explained

100mm f /2.8 macro lens

 macro lens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A important element is the aperture. If we shoot Naples Photography we believe it is the opening within the lens that allows the light to go through. The smaller the number on the lens the wider the aperture.  To get more light coming into the camera you would have to open up the aperture. For better picture taking always use a tripod to avoid blur.

For portrait photography we recommend for central focus to use a f/1.8 lens.

Static models are great for landscapes and easy to shoot. Photography for moving subjects  we recommend a f/8 lens. The f/8 is a practical lens with a good shutter speed.

When buying a filter, we recommend the circular polarizer. It is a great filer for beginners and it will have a great effect on your day photography. Please check the diameter to make sure you get the correct size for your lens. When using a filter don’t forget to set your white balance on your camera.

If you are out and getting a filter, also get get a skylight filter as well. This protect your lens, if you are not using the circular polarizer. If you don’t have the money for a macro lens, you can purchase a inexpensive screw on magnifier that will five you almost the same effect. A manual zoom is a great way to move around quicker and you don’t have to use a internal motor. If you are out and see other photographers like you, just talk to them. You never know, maybe you will lean something new.

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