Taking great family photos this winter

christmaswinterWith Christmas around the corner, now is the ideal time for family. One of the most enjoyable facts of having the family around is being able to get some great photos of them. However, this can also be problematic sometimes. That’s why we got together with canvas print experts Somer Print to bring you these tips on getting great family shots:

If you go traditional, be patient

Whilst the traditional serious photos can definitely look great, they can take a bit of patience and effort to get right: after all, you’re relying on several people to all adopt exactly the right expression and pose: and all at the same time! In other words, don’t be afraid to go through a roll (or memory card) or two in order to get the right shot. Try and ensure everyone is in a relaxed mood.

Don’t feel you have to go traditional

Whilst we do value classic shots (see above!), there’s no denying that a lot of the very best family shots actually come from people in their natural environment, doing things taht they like. Rather than trying to force people to act in certain ways, try and simply put them in a situation in which they’re contented – such as sat in front of the TV, or enjoying a nice drink – and then get photos that way.

Don’t forget lighting

Even if the subjects are amateur, the approach shouldn’t be. It’s important to never forget the value of high quality lighting – or at least making the most of what’s available. If you’re shooting indoors and don’t have the money available for proper lighting, then make sure that the maximum possible amount of sunlight is being allowed to flood into the room through the windows. Obviously there can sometimes be a bit too much light, in which case use a thin net curtain or white cotton sheet to minimise the glare. If you’re planning to use flash indoors then it’s worth trying to use a diffuser in order to help soften the effect and avoid the bleaching of skin.

Be inventive

Because family shots aren’t usually fully professional, you’ve got the license to try and play with shadow and light to see which effects can be gleaned. Consider trying to create interesting effects within the photos, and don’t be afraid to experiment: the photos are all for you, after all.

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