How to Take a Good Selfie

There’s something undeniably addictive about taking a good selfie photo.  When you get things just right, a good self-portrait photograph can make you feel really, really good.  And what’s wrong with a bit of self confidence here and there? That’s why we worked together with Somer Print – experts in canvas printing – to bring you these tips on taking that great selfie:

Go from the shoulder

Ideally, you don’t want to be able to see the camera in a good selfie.  A good way to combat this is to hold the phone on one shoulder, and then twist your body so that the other shoulder is pushed forwards slightly.  This will mean that you’ll find it easier to crop out the camera without people really noticing.

Follow the thirds

One of the keys to selfies is to follow the tips that professionals use.  A key technique is to mentally divide the frame into thirds, and then place yourself off centre.  This will make the shot that little bit more interesting and set it apart from all those other selfies where the subject takes up the whole shot.

Use a good background. 

Whilst it’s one thing to take a selfie in a club bathroom (absolutely no-one wants to look at a nightclub bathroom – not even the people in the club!) but if you’re hanging out somewhere cool, like the beach or at a famous tourist location, then always try and get some of that cool background into the shot.  People are far more likely to view and comment on the shot that way!

Tilt your head a bit

It’s a generally accepted rule that people always look a bit better when they’re not staring dead-on at the camera.  It’s always better to turn your head slight either down or up.  Angling your eyes up at the camera can achieve a really playful look if you get it right.

Angle your body

As is the case with the head, so is the case with the body.  A surefire way to make yourself look great in that selfie is to move your body in some way.  Putting your leg on tiptoes, shifting your weight one way or turning to side slightly are all very effective ways of improving the look.

Don’t play by the rules

If you’re prepared to get the best, you’ve got to be prepared to think out of the box here and there.  Think you need your head in the shot?  Think again.  Try angling your hips, too.

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