3P Photography

With DSLR cameras getting more affordable these days, photography slowly becomes a broad subject discussed widely all over the world and the internet. More and more people are mastering the art of photographic composition, angles, rule-of-thirds, lines, patterns and all the techniques one can think of.

One thing that seems to be forgotten, however, is the chemistry – the story behind the photo. There is a limit to one’s technique and equipment, but there are infinite possibilities for the stories a picture can tell.


The basics of photography should be storytelling; technique and equipment should be seen as a tool in assisting that, not the otherwise. Many a times we find ourselves too busy trying to take the greatest photo ever, missing out on the lovely moments and not connecting to them at all.

Next time, when you find yourself eagerly snapping away, stop for a moment. Lower your camera and observe your surroundings closely and things that are happening around you. Pay attention to the child and the mother in the café – what is their relationship? How do I capture the moment that describes their relationship the most? What type of architecture is that? What is it trying to tell me?

This will make your job or hobby as a photographer a much more interesting one!

3P Photography is the winner of 13 Bronze and 7 Silver photography awards in Wedding Photographers Perth, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, Event Photography, Real Estate Photography and Dance Photography. They also won the Commercial Photographer of The Year award in Perth.

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