How to Choose a Good Wedding Photographer

thumbnails_box._galleryChoosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important steps of planning your wedding. As the day is one of the most rare and special occasions of your lifetime, you’ll want beautiful photographs that will help you enjoy the memories over and over again. But where do you begin with choosing a photographer? Here are three tips to help you make that critical decision:

  1. Decide on Style

Remember that not all photographers have the same style of wedding photography. While many focus on taking traditional, posed shots in staged locations, others have a more artistic approach and aim to capture unposed and un-staged moments for images that are more natural. Whether you would prefer your photographs to incorporate either of these styles or you would like a mix of both, do some research on this topic before you choose a photographer. Look up wedding photography styles online, to truly understand your options. Then, when looking for photographers, view samples of their work and discuss with them how they would describe their style.

  1. Decide on Service

Most couples like their wedding photographer to shoot every step of the occasion, from getting ready to the ceremony and reception. Yet, you might prefer your photographer to work at just the ceremony, and to rely on your own camera for photos of the rest of the day. Many photographers also offer rehearsal sessions, for couples that really want to focus on staged images. Make sure you discuss how much time you require from your photographer beforehand.

Another element of service is the amount of photographs taken. Some photographers work on a spontaneous basis to take the amount of photographs that they feel most suitable capture the best of the day. Others offer packages of a particular number of shots, which either they or you can choose from for your final prints. Research photography packages and discuss your requirements with photographers before making a choice.

  1. Research Photographers

As soon as you have made a decision about which style of photography you prefer and the service that you require, you can begin to research photographers that will suit you. Phone around to speak with photographers about their availability, about how they will present you with the photographs and whether they have liability insurance and back up camera gear. Also, check on the reliability of your final candidates by looking up reviews online, looking at their sample images and asking others about their experience of the service. You can even book interviews with your preferred candidates to fully get to know them beforehand.

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