Aussie couples love San Francisco destination weddings!

I’m really proud of San Francisco and I feel like we’ve finally arrived on the world stage. Yesterday was the 110th anniversary of the Great Quake of 1906, and if you look at pictures of our City Hall compared to what else was going on with the city at the time, you’d see that our forefathers really had a, “build it and they will come” mentality. We weren’t really a world class city….yet. Let’s just say I’ve seen old photographs of flocks of sheep being herded across Market street, blocks from today’s City Hall.


Things have changed with the second tech boom, and more and more tourists are making their way here from all over the globe. Not just to see the sights, but also to get married at San Francisco City Hall. Same sex marriage is not currently legal in Australia,so many couples who want to have a marriage ceremony make the pilgrimage here. Let’s be honest, SF is ground zero for the LGBT movement. A gorgeous bust of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to public office in California, is situated at the top of the grand staircase and presides over all the ceremonies in our rotunda! I’ve had all kinds of couples, ask to take a picture with Harvey, and I’m sure it would make him so proud.

I’ve had a number of Australian couples and families come over for their wedding and then hop down to Los Angeles and take their kids to Disney land, and some without kids have gone off to Las Vegas and New York City. I guess they figured that they’d gone this far, why not check out the rest of the U.S.?


We’re really lucky that City Hall is so inclusive and open to wedding tourism, because not every court house in the nation offers wedding ceremonies at all, and some have silly rules. I’ve heard that Nashville requires couples to live in the district for thirty days before a ceremony. Not exactly easy for travelers. But hey, more for us!

Everyone seems to have a special reason for coming here. Some people love the Golden Gate Bridge, others saw “Sideways” too many times and can’t wait to get up to Napa for a honeymoon and wine tasting tour, or head south to stunning Carmel and Monterrey for some art galleries and sea food.

If this wedding blog is giving you ideas, let me give you some practical information. You can only book your ceremony ninety days in advance. Don’t worry if you need to plan your trip well in advance of that. Get online exactly ninety days before your desired wedding date, and you’ll be sure to get the date and time you want. They book three couples for every half hour, so there are plenty of time slots between 10am and 3pm. They do sell out, so don’t delay, once you’ve picked your date. You also need to make a separate appointment online to get your license at least a half hour before your ceremony. The license is quick and easy, so don’t fret over that.

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